Untitled 1 series

The process of the work starts with converting a selected piece of literature (text) to codes of “0” and “1”s, then a software 3ds Max transfers the converted code to a three dimensional model.

The material, color, and structure of the three dimensional model are chosen based on the code from the original literature, it’s unique sequence of the “0” and “1”s. therefore this model is a direct and objective translation of the literature, from words into forms without individual subjectivity.

When the viewer encounter the sculpture work, the given process when we are to “read” an artwork will take place, based on the presented information: the material, size, and style. Countless personal experiences, references and subjectivity is then cast onto the work, the viewer will further decipher the work with his/her own pre exsiting meaning of the literature. With all that, making up a contradictory, but yet to the viewer, a conceivable reasoning for the work, this reasoning is something created through the thought process in their brain, and can be consider as a new knowledge (thought).

Text is Impression.

Untitled 2 series

Consistent to the process of Untitled 1, but instead of using an existing literature or text as the origin, the artist will make up the codes of the “0” and “1”s. In a manner much like free writing, the artist with no specific goal in mind, create the length, and the sequences depending on the flow of his subconsciousness. And these unconscious codes, will then be transform into a work that is seemingly very meaningful, even having its own context.

Free Conscious is Impression.

Untitled Series (2012 - )