The Narrative of a Stack of Paper (2012)

Record the complete process of fabrication of handmade paper with digital camera, and then export the moving images to still ones frame by frame, which are finally printed on the handmade papers.
The creation of these media e.g. paper, tape and film is to record images or sound of the 'others'. By showing its traditional papermaking process via digital printing, this stack of paper starts to share its own life experience. The common perception of paper as a recording media is changed. The paper is given its right to gain self-cognition as an independent individual.


1.This particular type of hand-made mulberry paper is normally used for 'Jia Ma', the religious rituals for worshiping ancestors and God. People draw amulets to expel evil and pray for peace and luck for their voyages, house construction, wedding and funeral in Tengchong, Yuanan.

2. A stack is a production unit of traditional handmade paper, which is approximately 1000 sheets.

Materials: 15,136,728 images from a 10, 511’37’’Documentary, Mulberry paper, Metal plate, Steel pipe, Magnet

Dimensions: 484 x 1078 x 5 cm (55 × 55cm each)