Picture and Character (2010)

The manuscripts of emotional painting are magnified into a large-size wall painting. Patches of different sizes, disordered pictures and abstract patterns resemble the two dimensional code that is commonly used in bar codes, traffic management and identification. Once we decode these randomly-created codes, this set of chaotic pictures start to have a concrete meaning.

Character is image itself.

Materials: Drawing paper, Photographic paper

Dimensions: Dimensions of the texts: 50 x 80 cm x 6 pieces / Dimensions of the manuscripts:  23.3 x 27.5 cm, 23.2 x 26.7 cm, 23.2 x 27.5 cm / Dimensions of the wall painting: H 600 x L 690 cm, H 600 x L 665 cm, H 600 x L 690 cm