2016 - 2024
Glass, Robot and Automatic platform car
H 289 x L 616 x W 438 cmIn a confined space made of transparent glass, a self-moving robotic hand roams freely, painting on the glass walls. Throughout the process, it continuously changes the color of the paintbrush it holds. The movement of the robot is controlled by the dream of the artist sleeping in a different time zone. Both the artist and the robotic hand exist in the darkness of night and the dawn of day. A wireless network transmits the artist's EEG signals and eye movement data in real time to the robot's control computer. (Overseas exhibition version) In the current exhibition, the computer records the EEG waveforms and sleep data of the artist for several months in real time, after which it learns, trains, and generates a large amount of sleep EEG data. This data will serve as the control data for the robotic hand.