Symbiosis series

2008 - current


Symbiosis - Out


Iron, Stainless steel, Brass, Red copper, Plaster, Fiberglass and Sand

H 800 x L 380 x W 600 cm


Symbiosis - Tact


Aluminum, Brass and Red copper

H 210 x L 210 x W 185 cm


Symbiosis - Meticulousness


Iron, Stainless steel, Brass, Red copper, Plaster and Wood

H 340 x L 400 x W 125 cm


The artist, after a journey of attempting to relinquish the right to create, a right that should belong to the artist, and to be absent, begins to urgently search for a new possible relationship that bridges the gap between machine and human collaboration. The artist has established a principle of collaboration, whereby one or both parties begin to create unconsciously or randomly, and another uses the former's image as a source and basis for their own creation. This process repeats until either party stops or chooses to end the process. Strictly speaking, this process cannot be characterized as collaboration, but rather as mutual stimulation, possibilities of mutual reconciliation, and the establishment of new orders.